Friends of Werakata National Park
Banksia Spinulosa

Non-Flying Placental Mammals
in Werakata National Park

Scientific Name Name Source
    NPWS Other
Muridae Murids
Hydromys chrysogaster Water Rat    
Melomys burtoni Grassland Melomys    
Mus musculus House Mouse *   4
Pseudomys novaehollandiae New Holland Mouse 1  
Rattus fuscipes Bush Rat    
Rattus lutreolus Swamp Rat 1  
Rattus norvegicus Brown Rat * 1  
Rattus rattus Black Rat * 1  
Canidae Dingo and Fox
Canis familiaris Dog * 1 4
Canis familiaris dingo Dingo    
Vulpes vulpes Red Fox * 1 4
Felidae Cat
Felis catus Feral Cat * 1 4
Leporidae Rabbit and Hare
Oryctolagus cuniculus European Rabbit * 1 4
Lepus capensis Brown Hare *    
Equidae Horse and Donkey
Equus caballus Horse * 1 4
Suidae Pig
Sus scrofa Pig *   4
Bovidae Horned Ruminants
Bos taurus Cow *   4
Capra hircus Goat *    
Feral Deer *   4
* Introduced species

1. Vertebrate Fauna Survey of Lower Hunter National Park
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Lucas Grenadier, Michael Roderick, Dr. Michael Mahony, Glenn Hoye and Rachel Betts (Contributors)
Department of Biological Sciences and TUNRA Pty Ltd.
University of Newcastle
June 2001
4. John Goswell (local resident)

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