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Banksia Spinulosa

Frog List

Below is a list of frogs expected for the Werakata National Park.
Those which have been observed are listed, along with the source of this information.

Dwarf Green Tree Frog

Peron'S Tree Frog

Scientific Name Name Source
    Published Other
Hylidae Tree Frogs
Litoria aurea Green and Gold Bell Frog/Swamp Frog    
Litoria caerulia Green Tree Frog   3, 4
Litoria dentata Bleating Frog/Keferstein's Tree Frog 2, 5 3
Litoria fallax (ssp. glauerti) Eastern Dwarf Green Tree Frog 1, 2, 5 3, 4
Litoria latopalmata Broad Palmed Frog 1, 5 3
Litoria peronii Peron's Tree Frog 5 3
Litoria leseurii Lesueurs Tree Frog   4
Litoria nasuta Rocket Frog    
Litoria phyllocroa Leaf Green Tree Frog    
Litoria tyleri Tyler's Green Tree Frog    
Litoria verreauxii Verreaux's Frog 1, 5 3
Myobatrachidae Ground Frogs
Crinia signifera Common Eastern Froglet (Toadlet) 1, 2, 5  
Limnodynastes dumerilii (ssp. grayi) Bullfrog/Eastern Pobblebonk/Banjo Frog/Grays Burrowing Frog 1, 2, 5 3
Limnodynastes ornatus Ornate Burrowing Frog 1 3
Limnodynastes peronii Striped Marsh Frog/Brown Striped Frog 1, 2, 5 3
Limnodynastes tasmaniensis Spotted Marsh Frog/Marsh Frog 1, 5 3
Pseudophryne bibronii Bibrons Toadlet 1  
Pseudophryne coriacea Red-backed Toadlet    
Ranidella signifera Cricket Frog   3
Uperoleia fusca Dusky Toadlet 1, 5  
Uperolela laevigata Smooth Toadlet/Red-thighed Toadlet 1 3

1. Vertebrate Fauna Survey of Lower Hunter National Park
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Lucas Grenadier, Michael Roderick, Dr. Michael Mahony, Glenn Hoye and Rachel Betts (Contributors)
Department of Biological Sciences and TUNRA Pty Ltd.
University of Newcastle
June 2001
2. National Parks and Wildlife Service Database
3. Morisset Forestry District Environmental Impact Statement
Supporting Document No.7
Ross Wellington, Richard Wells
4. John Goswell (local resident)
5. NPWS survey 2005
n. means observation was on a nearby property

Spotted Marsh Frog
Green Tree Frog

Lesueur's Frog

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