Friends of Werakata National Park
Banksia Spinulosa

Outing to Lane Cove National Park

      On 14th August 2004, ten of us, driven by Deon, visited the Lane Cove National Park, and spoke with Melissa from the Friends of the Lane Cove National Park. Some of the things learnt from the day inlude:

About the Friends of the Lane Cove National Park

  • The group has about 100 members
  • Members pay $15 each per year or $25 for a family
  • The group has numerous small groups which meet at different intervals: some weekly, some monthly
  • Public liability insurance usually costs about $1500, but one company charges only $300
  • The group has been successful in obtaining funding for projects
  • It can be easier to obtain funding if a registered organisation
  • The group has an educational trailer, which is taken out to various activities or schools. It serves another purpose in informing people about the group.

About the Regeneration Program:

    Lane Cove National Park has a large ongoing program to remove weeds.
  • Weeds are removed in small sections as removing large areas encourages re-invasion with weeds, and some weeds, eg lantana, provide shelter for small birds and animals. As re-establishment of natives takes some time, large-scale removal of the weeds can mean loss of habitat for his period.
  • Seeds are taken from nearby areas to ensure replacement with similar genetic material
  • Seeds are stored in a fridge, in waterproof plastic sealable bags, labelled with location of origin and seed type
  • Each seed type can have different germination requirements.
  • Smoke Water is commercially available and used to germinate some seeds which require fire exposure
  • Seeds are germinated in seed trays and later moved to small pots into potting mix.
      Seed mix
    • 1 part coco peat
    • 3 parts sand
    • 15g Osmocote per 20 litres of mix.
      Mix for tube stock
    • potting mix Debco
    • 200g Osmocote per wheelbarrow

    Large seeds covered with Vermiculite. Sand to cover fine seed.Seed trays are placed in a plastic greenhouse.

    Deon, Melissa and Philip inspect the greehouse

  • Lane Cove NP have had problems with possums eating the seedlings in the nursery area, and so guards were built over the seedlings.
  • Watering of seedlings was via overhead mist sprays employing a timer running for 15 minutes at 4am each night.

    The nursery at lane Cove NP
    Photo provided by Irene

  • Proceedure for planting out:
    • Ensure plant is well watered
    • Dig hole
    • Soak hole
    • Plant seedling
    • Protect with plastic guard
    • Some areas are fenced off
    • Usually no watering! In dry conditions plants are watered a week or so later.

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