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Banksia Spinulosa

Lower Hunter Spotted Gum-Ironbark Forest

      Lower Hunter Spotted Gum-Ironbark Forest is characterised by Spotted Gum (Corymbia maculata) and various Ironbarks (predominantly Eucalyptus fibrosa). Canopy species can also include Eucalyptus agglomerata, and in some exposed locations Corymbia eximia.

This vegetation type represents the most widespread forest community in the Park. In the Lower Hunter Valley it is a common forest type, but it is poorly represented in conservation areas. It is a forest community which has been heavily influenced by 170 years of logging activities, but also one which has shown resilience to this and to the ravages of fire.

Lower Hunter Spotted Gum-Ironbark Forest in green

Within the Park the vegetation type occurs mostly on Permian-based yellow-brown or grey-brown clay soils (Dy3).

The following species may be present:

  • Trees
    • Corymbia maculata
    • Eucalyptus fibrosa
    • Eucalyptus agglomerata (atypical)
    • Corymbia eximia
  • Small trees
    • Bursaria spinosa
  • Shrubs
    • Grevillea montana (rare)
    • Daviesia ulicifolia
    • Bursaria longisepala var. longisepala
    • Lissanthe strigosa
    • Acacia elongata var. elongata
    • Astrotricha obovata
    • Melaleuca nodosa
    • Grevillea parviflora ssp. parviflora (endangered)
    • Persoonia linearis
    • Leptospermum parvifolium
    • Isopogon anemonifolius
    • Podolobium ilicifolium
    • Acacia buxifolia
    • Hakea sericea
    • Syncarpia glomulifera ssp. glomulifera
    • Dillwynia retorta
    • Acacia ulicifolia
  • Vines
    • Cassytha glabella forma glabella
    • Hardenbergia violacea
    • Glycine clandestina
  • Herbs
    • Platysace ericoides
    • Phyllanthus hirtellus forma A
    • Pomax umbellata
    • Goodenia rotundifolia
    • Hibbertia vestita
    • Gompholobium uncinatum
    • Oxylobium pultenaea
  • Graminoids
    • Entolasia stricta
    • Aristida vagans
    • Dichelachne micrantha
    • Dianella revoluta var. revoluta
    • Eragrostis brownii
    • Panicum simile
    • Poa sieberiana ssp. sieberiana
    • Austrodanthonia longifolia
    • Lomandra filiformis ssp. coriacea
    • Imperata cylindrica var. major
    • Joycea pallida
    • Lomandra multiflora ssp. multiflora
    • Lomandra cylindrica
    • Lomandra confertifolia ssp. pallida
    • Lomandra filiformis ssp. filiformis
    • Anisopogon avenaceus
    • Themeda australis
  • Ferns
    • Cheilanthes sieberi ssp. sieberi
  • Sedges
    • Lepidosperma laterale
  • Cycads
    • Macrozamia flexuosa (rare)
    • Macrozamia reducta

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