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Banksia Spinulosa

Interesting Sightings Within Werakata National Park

This page is used to record significant sightings within the Park.
Location is recorded as a map grid reference.
If unsure about this reference then email your sighting giving a full description of where the animal was seen.

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Swift Parrotcnr Gibson and Third Sts11/8/05John Goswell
Bower bird boweroff Third Sts11/8/05John Goswell
Swift Parrotscnr Gibson and Third Sts7/8/05Hunter Bird Observers Club
Ring-tail possumcnr First and Queen Sts28/4/05Ron Wharton
Swift Parrotscnr First and Queen Sts25/4/05Ron Wharton
Eastern SpinebillLismore St, Abermain21/5/05John Dore
Rose RobinLismore St, Abermain21/5/05John Dore
Mistletoe BirdLismore St, Abermain21/5/05John Dore
Ring-tailed Possum1874 Old Maitland RdMay 2005Ray Alsop
King Parrots1874 Old Maitland RdMay 2005Ray Alsop
Gang Gang Cockatoos (2)1874 Old Maitland Rd1/5/2005Ray Alsop
Red-bellied Black Snake1874 Old Maitland RdregularlyRay Alsop
Common Brush-tail PossumArchery park19/4/20052
Eastern Grey KangarooBase of Tumblebee19/4/20052
Microbats x 2Base of Tumblebee19/4/20052
Grey-headed Flying FoxBase of Tumblebee19/4/20052
OwlBase of Tumblebee19/4/20052
Copper-tailed Skink5027271909041off Londons Rd
Jacky Jacky Lizard50372719/9/041 off Londons Rd
Stone Gecko49973419/9/041Londons Rd
Stone Gecko49973419/9/041Londons Rd
Echidna54464512/9/041On top of Tomalpin
Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoos52564712/9/041Swamp Ck Fire Trail
Echidna49870714/8/041Near Third St, WNP
Rutidosis heterogama50769420041A number od specimens under power lines either side of creek
Rutidosis heterogama5256991Single specimen
Rutidosis heterogama51971721/3/051A small number of plants not far from old stockyard
Rutidosis heterogama53867324/3/051Single specimen


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